Andrew Masterson

I've been a journalist for 30 years, writing for papers and magazines. I write mainly science, tech, arts and music yarns. I work also as a researcher and script consultant on TV science documentaries. Based in Australia.

How Schrödinger could have his cat and see it too

Schrödinger’s cat need not die! In a small but significant way, quantum weirdness just got even weirder – and, as a result, quantum computing may have just moved one step nearer. A team led by Kater Murch from Washington University in St Louis, US, has found a way to delay – in theory, indefinitely – radioactive atomic decay: the mechanism by which Erwin Schrödinger’s famous pet either survived or perished when observed.

The surprisingly high-risk, high-cost medical condition that is... loneliness

"Look at all the lonely people," instructed the Beatles, pondering where they all came from. Elvis Presley opined that he was so lonely he could die. Back in 1802, William Wordsworth wandered lonely as a cloud. Perhaps because of its enduring poetic attraction, loneliness in the public discourse is generally regarded as a sad, but transient, state. Among the young, it is seen as a temporary consequence of adolescent hormonal moodiness, or, worse, an artefact of fey existential posturing.
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